1080P HD portable home projector

Set the highlight mode to make the picture clearer

Brightness is greatly improved

The brightness of T10 is significantly higher than 3.5″1080P of the same specification

物理高清 · 亮度加倍 · HIFI音響 · HDMI輸入

投射比 1.4:1

2.96m can cast 100 inches

Optical keystone correction,
easy to project the square picture

Slow reflection imaging to care for eye health

The unique slow reflection imaging principle of projection reduces eye irritation and visual fatigue, 

making viewing more comfortable and healthy.

Built-in HIFI speaker

1080P HD resolution

1920X1080 physical resolution

"Electronic cleaning reminder" configuration

Can isolate dust and extend the life of optical components

In put/Out put function interface

Support multiple mobile devices