Mini 10


Mighty Portable Mini Projector

The Texas Sonic Mini10 is a projector designed for mobile living that combines portability, high performance and advanced technology. Whether you are traveling or at home, Mini10 can provide an excellent audio-visual experience.


Lightweight and portable

Weighing only 480 grams, Mini 10 will revolutionize your visual experience with its ultra-light weight and excellent projection performance. Allowing you to easily take it anywhere. Whether you are on a business trip, traveling or at a family gathering, you can enjoy the visual experience of the big screen at any time.


Flexible adjustment

With its adjustable angle design, you can easily create the ideal projection environment for any occasion. The projection angle can be adjusted at will, up to 90 degrees vertically projected to the ceiling. Whether you want to watch movies in bed or enjoy the big screen outdoors, it can meet your needs.


Automatic keystone correction

Mini 10 is equipped with a fast vertical automatic keystone correction function. No matter how you adjust the angle of the projector, it can automatically adjust to ensure that the image will not be deformed, making your viewing experience more perfect.


Long-lasting power

Equipped with a large-capacity built-in battery, your visual experience is no longer limited. Built-in 8000 mAh large-capacity battery, can be used for up to 240 minutes. Whether you are traveling, at work or during leisure time, you don’t have to worry about insufficient power.


Visual enjoyment

Through its excellent contrast and decoding capabilities, it takes your audio-visual experience to new heights. It supports 4K decoding and high-definition output, with a 16:9 aspect ratio. It can be projected to a large screen up to 100 inches, giving you a cinema-like visual experience.


Easy-to-use control

Equipped with a variety of advanced connection methods, it provides the greatest convenience for your audio-visual life. Equipped with a 9-point touch interface on the top of the machine, the operation is simpler and more intuitive. Supports USB Type-C charging, making power supply more convenient. In addition, it also supports HDMI 2.0 interface, allowing you to quickly connect to various devices. Coupled with the support of Bluetooth 5.0 and 2.4G+5G Wi-fi, the wireless connection is more stable and faster.


Multiple connections:

Supports the screen mirroring function of iPhone and Android phones, easily expands the projection of your mobile phone content, making sharing more convenient. Let your mobile content be projected directly onto the big screen, whether it’s a work presentation or a family movie night, it’s easy to handle.